Within the prescribed premises, the Menzies Quarry Area occupies 460,000 m2 (46 hectares) over its expected lifespan of 20 years. The resource to be extracted is gravel. The useable gravel reserve extends to an average depth of 25 metres. Excavation will commence from the existing excavated area and progress in a south easterly

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Excavated materials from construction sites | NetRegs ...

Excavated materials (rock and soil) from construction sites What you must do. Material that you remove from an excavation will not normally be regarded as waste if: you intend to reuse it on your site and; it is suitable for use as backfill …

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Method Statement For Excavation (Open-cut Excavation …

Excavated materials arising from the project area shall be hauled and stored at a dedicated contractor stockpile area. Stockpile area shall be of adequate distance from the excavation areas and a bulldozer and/or a wheel loader will periodically grade the stockpile to allow stockpiling the material in layers and give the area neat and healthy look.

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Management of Tips and Stockpiles - Health and Safety ...

Factors determining the siting and design of tips and stockpiles. The nature of the quarried material. –unstable materials do not compact to form a stable surface and are more likely to fail or flow– stable materials compact to form a stable surface. …

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Clearing, Grading, Grubbing, and - Skagit County, …

Critical Areas In clearing your property, you must avoid: Wetlands, streams, lakes, ponds, marine shorelines, and the area around them (in some cases 300 feet or more from the water) Areas with a high risk of erosion or landslides, generally slopes exceeding 30% gradient Special flood hazard areas, i.e., areas shown on a Flood

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Section 2010 - Earthwork, Subgrade, and Subbase

materials as required by the Engineer, compaction and finishing of the excavated area, and all incidental work as may be required. G. Subgrade Preparation: 1. Measurement: The area of the proposed pavement under which the subgrade preparation is performed, plus 2 feet on each side, will be measured in square yards. 2.

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Earthworks, Formation and Capping Material

3.4 Preparation of Embankment Base Preparation includes clearing, grubbing, and removal of topsoil and removal of unsuitable material and subsequent restoration under clauses 3.1 and 3.2. It also includes cutting of terraces into slopes, scarifying and compaction of embankment base and provision of drainage works as specified below.

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Steps in Preparing Site for Construction Projects -Soil ...

Clearing and excavation is part of the greater job which is carried out in preparing site for construction projects. As shown in Figure-3, trees and all sorts of vegetation on the site are removed at site clearing phase. After the layout of the structure is set accurately, the excavation work begins and the soil is removed to a required depth ...

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Excavation safety - WorkSafe

the fall or release from height of any plant, substance or object. damage to or collapsing, overturning, failing or malfunctioning of any plant that is required to be authorised for use. the collapse or partial collapse of a structure. the collapse …

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Quarry Development Plan - Gov

3.4 Clearing and Grubbing Clearing and grubbing plans will be detailed in this section. The plans will include how best to minimize impacts to permafrost through these activities when operating in permafrost areas. 3.5 Salvage and Storage of …

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mine lease areas in the district), where large number of iron ore and some manganese mines are located, reveals that between the years 1988 and 2000, the mining area increased from 230.42 hectares to 820.46 hectares (increase of 590 hectares). This works out to be 0.21 percent of total area (3854.17 sq.km) of three taluks. As

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(PDF) Middle Palaeolithic Chert Quarrying at Beit Allam

Only this one has been excavated on a very restricted surface. The site of Beit Allam is 8 km north of Abydos and some hundred meters west of the village of Beit Allam (fig. 6. 1-2).

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(PDF) Quarrying: an anthropogenic geomorphological …

of surface features produced by quarrying, providing an overvi ew of the most important excavated and accumulated forms a nd form components, on the macro, meso and micro scales.

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How to Clear Land: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Clear brush. There are many options for clearing out vegetation. You could use hand-held trimmers to cut the vegetation at ground level if the job is …

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the additional temporary area may be used as a "buffer" zone to aid in sediment control where possible. Clearing shall consist of cutting trees, with a stump left not more than two inches (2") above natural ground. Saleable timber shall become the property of the Contractor. Reasonable care

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Earthwork shall consist of all necessary site clearing and grubbing, excavation and backfill for structures and trenches, site grading, grassing and restoration, as well as related work as shown on the plans and as specified herein. 2.2 GENERAL: All earthwork shall be confined to the construction area as shown on the plans, and shall be done

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Excavation, Backfill & Compaction within the Swamp …

Site Preparation Excavation, Backfill & Compaction within the Swamp Area ... • From the bottom of the excavated swamp area the fill material will be imported fill material. • Removal of the excavated mud to the designated area will be done by the operation of dump trucks.

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1. Area Basis. The work to be paid for shall be the number of hectare and fractions thereof acceptably cleared and grubbed within the limit indicated on the Plans or as may be adjusted in field staking by the Engineer. Areas not within the clearing and grubbing limits shown on the plans or not staked for clearing and grubbing will not be

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What is Site Excavation? (with pictures) - Info Bloom

The site is excavated to create a level, clean area to work, with the foundations being established in the excavated area. A site may also be excavated and backfilled to confirm that the material directly under the site is of high …

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lines for highway construction areas that include structures, frontage and access roads, streets, ramps, approaches, and ditches and channels with a bottom width of 12 feet. When slopes require rounding, extend clearing and grubbing lim its to outsi de l imits of sl ope rounding. 2) A width of 2 feet outside of excavation and embankment slope

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SECTION 2100 GRADING AND SITE PREPARATION SECTION 2101 CLEARING AND GRUBBING 2101.1 Scope This section governs the furnishing of all labor, equipment, tools and materials and the performance of all clearing, grubbing, and demolition within the limits of work as defined in Section 2101.3A of this specification, in the Special

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Method Statement for Site Clearance Grubbing and …

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the Site clearance, Grubbing and Topsoil removal. The detailed guide will provide the clear steps undertaken to complete the process of the site clearance activities in a safe, systematic and …

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Quarrying - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Coastal mining and quarrying are some of the major activities for removing sediments that cause an adverse impact on the diversity of coastal ecosystems (Kasperson and Kasperson, 2001; Kaliraj et al., 2014).Landsat ETM+ and OLI images were used to estimate the areal extent of sites encroached for mining and quarrying in the South Indian coastline.

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A. Remove topsoil of horticultural value from areas to be excavated and regarded, and stockpile in designated area. B. Do not permit topsoil to be mixed with subsoil. C. Do not strip topsoil when wet. 3.03 STABILITY OF G. B. Sl. ope sides of excavations to …

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